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The feature film production of BLINDFOLD SHOES offers a unique opportunity to shed fresh light on the Kurdish region in Northern Iraq. It is an historic and newsworthy event to see an international film crew setting up camp in a country usually associated with conflict.
The film production will provide strong evidence that Kurdistan today is much safer than surrounding countries. The story of BLINDFOLD SHOES, set in 1969, will also demonstrate how Kurdish society has changed and progressed since the time of Saddam Hussein's terror, the Anfal campaign and the Kurdish isolation in the 'Safe Haven' between the first and second Gulf Wars.
The documentary will explore the key themes of the BLINDFOLD SHOES story, putting them into the context of present day Kurdistan. It will look at children's rights, gender equality, the role of religion and education, cultural identity, the impact of the oil economy, relations with the outside world, security etc.
The documentary will be the perfect platform to feature many voices; from ordinary people to visionary leaders. It will mix funny and provocative aspects of the feature film production with serious reflections about the future of the Kurdish outlook on life and its role not only in the Middle East today, but in the wider world.

The Kurdish Genocide

The Blindfold Shoes UK production team recognise the injustices and atrocities inflicted upon the Kurdish people by Saddam's regime, especially during the horror of the Anfal Campaign.

We would like to acknowledge our support in any way we can, but particularly through our website where we will support the Kurdish people with their campaign for the international recognition of the Genocide. In addition the documentary film and the story of the Blindfold Shoes will we hope also help to raise the profile of the Kurdish people and reach a wider audience.


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Recognition of Genocide against the Kurds in Iraq





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